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Udalguri is famous in the tourism map of Assam because of the existence of the Bhairab Kunda. It is famous for the Shiva temple built here. It is also called the pearl of Udalguri district. The place is considered as God’s gift to human being for its splendid natural beauty. Bhairab Kunda is situated at the tri-junction of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Bhutan. It is also a popular picnic spot in Udalguri.

Bhairab Kunda

Bhairab Kunda is located at the northern end, 22 km from the district headquarter of the Udalguri district. It is the meeting place of the Jia Dhansiri, Bhairavi and Diafam rivers. It is located at 26.8900 degree north and 92.1150 degrees east. It has an elevation of 703 feet.

History & Legend

Bhairab Kunda has a mythological and historical background. The name Bhairab Kunda is a combination of two words bhairab and kunda. The word Bhairab has many connotation in Indian language.  Bhairab may mean lord Shiva, one of the ragas of the Indian Classical Music. It may also indicate the Raag  Bhairav of the Indian classical music. Kunda means a lake. Together Bhairab kunda means the lake of Bhairab.

The story of Bhairab kunda is associated with lord Shiva. It is said that lord Shiva carried the body of his wife Sati on his shoulder. While he was wandering a portion of the body of Sati fell in the place. From then onwards the place became sacred and  a pilgrimage to the Hindus.

Legends also say that lord Shiva and his wife Sati used to take bath in the Bhairav kunda.

The Shiva Purana says that lord Shiva lives in the very place Bhairab kunda.

The name Bhairab Kunda is significant from the fact that it is the meeting place of the Jia Dhansiri, Bhairavi and Diafam rivers which looks like a kunda.

Religious Importance

Bhairab Kunda is famous for the Shiva temple built here. It is an important tourist destination. Thousands of tourists and devotees visit the place to offer praying to lord Shiva. The place is thronged by devotees during the festival of Makar sankranti. During this time the devotees take a holy dip in the meeting point of the three rivers which is considered auspicious by them.

It is a popular picnic spot in Udalguri district. Bhairab Kunda is surrounded by mountains, hills and greenery all around. The exotic beauty of the place in terms of its landscape catches the attention of the tourists. To encourage tourism of the place  Bhairab Kunda festivals are organized.

An irrigation project has been constructed on the Dhansiri river at Bhairav kunda. A guide dam has been constructed inside Bhutan for the project. The project is within the jurisdiction of the Bodoland Territorial Autonomous District.

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